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How we generate your energy

How we generate your energy

Thameswey Energy generates electricity and heat through a number of Energy Centres,that contain combined heat and power (CHP) units. These units drive a generator to produce electricity and hot water for heating. CHP is a very efficient means of energy generation.
In a conventional gas turbine, gas is burnt to generate electricity and around 60% of the fuel burnt is wasted. A CHP unit however converts most of the gas used into useful heat with only about 10-15% wastage. This is achieved by using the heat for community heating, that would otherwise have been wasted in the generation of electricity .
Homes supplied by Thameswey Energy are served by a network of private wires, owned and operated by Thameswey Energy. Because the CHP unit is local to the development that it supplies, there are less of the losses associated with electricity transmission from large power stations.
There is also a network of pipes which deliver heat to properties supplied by Thameswey Energy. Hot water from the Energy Centre flows around this pipe network and is used by a heat exchanger in domestic properties to provide efficient space and water heating.

The benefits

Because CHP generation is so efficient, Thameswey Energy are able to offer electricity and heating at very competitive prices. As well as enjoying energy at lower costs, customers can rest assured that the energy that you use comes from a source which minimises environmental and social impacts and is leading the way in low carbon, decentralised energy generation.


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