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How your energy is generated

How your energy is generated

Thameswey Energy delivers both heating and electricity to homes connected to one of our local Energy Centres. Our Energy Centres contain Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units which generate both electricity and heat. This is then delivered to homes connected to the Energy Centre through our private wire and heating network.

Electricity Supply

You will not notice any difference in the electricity supplied to your property compared with that from a traditional electricity supplier. The only difference is that our electricity is supplied to you through our private wires from our local Energy Centre. You will still have an electricity meter in your home, which will be used to monitor how much electricity you are using and to calculate your bills.

Heat supply

As well as producing electricity, the Energy Centre also generates heat. This heat is distributed to nearby properties through a network of pipes known as a district heating system. The heated water in the district heating system is delivered to your home and converted into heat that can be used for space and water heating by a heat exchanger or directly from our heat supply. For more on how you’re heating and hot water works click here.


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