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Pricing and billing information

Pricing and billing information

Your meter

Thameswey Energy use meters that can be read remotely. We believe that you should only be billed for the energy that you use, instead of relying on sometimes inaccurate estimated meter readings.

These meters take automatic readings, which are sent electronically to Thameswey Energy and form the basis of your bill.

Your bill

Thameswey offers two payment plans:

1. Monthly Payment Plan
This enables you to pay for your energy through direct debit and allows you to pay a set amount each month. You will receive a statement every three months which will let you know how much energy you have used and whether your account is in credit or you owe money.

2. Quarterly Bill Plan

This plan enables you to receive a bill every three months for the energy you use, which then has to be paid in full within 30 days of receipt.

Your tariff

Thameswey Energy offer very competitive rates for both electricity and heat. The amount that you are charged for your electricity and heat is set out in you Utility Supply Contract (USC).

As well as the charges for heat and electricity, you will have to pay a maintenance charge. This charge covers the costs for labour, parts and maintenance of your heat exchanger. For further information on your energy tariff and associated charges, please contact Thameswey Energy Customer services.
Thameswey Energy conforms to all regulations on energy suppliers set down by the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (OFGEM).


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