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Domestic Customers

Help with your bills this winter

Help for our domestic customers this winter

Essential information for customers of ThamesWey Energy.

To help households deal with the rising costs of energy through the winter period, the Government is providing support in two ways.

Through the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) households will receive a £400 discount applied in instalments over six months. Under the current rules of the scheme this benefit applies only to customers supplied via the National Grid. 

What this means for our customers

Customers whose homes are heated by ThamesWey Energy

If ThamesWey Energy supplies your heat energy but you purchase your electricity via a licensed supplier connected to the National Grid, such as EDF or British Gas, you will receive the £400 benefit from your electricity supplier. You do not need to do anything, the discount will be automatically applied by your supplier.

Customers whose electricity is supplied by ThamesWey Energy

Because we produce our electricity independently, you as a customer are not considered to be supplied via the National Grid. The Government are launching the Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding.

Applications will need to be made through the Gov.UK website which will then be passed to local authorities to check and make the payments to those eligible.

Applications cannot be made directly to ThamesWey or the local authority. Please visit Apply for energy bill support if you do not get it automatically – GOV.UK ( to access the application form when available for your local authority.

The Energy Price Guarantee

In addition to the £400 discount the Government has introduced an Energy Price Guarantee (EPG), which should see a typical household saving around £700 this winter. However, the amount of money you save will depend on how much energy you actually use. Your energy usage will be influenced by the size of your home, how well insulated it is and the age and number of occupants.

How the EPG affects ThamesWey Energy tariffs

Under the EBRS the government is providing a discount on wholesale energy prices. The EPG incorporates this discount.

When calculating your domestic tariff from the 1 October 2022, ThamesWey used the published EPG as a base. In doing so the EBRS benefit of discounted wholesale energy prices has been passed onto you. The EPG runs until 31 March 2023. Further plans to support households with their energy bills beyond this period will be published by the Government in due course. We will then provide an update regarding future charges. 

Concerns and complaints

We are required by law to pass on the benefit of any and all energy price support initiatives to our customers. In the event that you are unhappy about the way in which the EBRS and/or EPG has been applied to your account, you can raise a complaint with ThamesWey Energy.

If your concerns are not resolved through our own complaints procedure you can contact the Energy Ombudsman. Complaints relating to the EBRS and/or EPG can be made on the grounds that we have failed to:

  • Notify you that ThamesWey Energy has benefited from the scheme
  • Notify you of how that benefit will be passed on to you
  • Pass on the benefit to you within the required timeframe
  • Comply with the requirement to pass on the benefit in any other way. 

Keeping you informed

We know that everyone is anxious about rising costs and paying their energy bills this winter. As more information becomes available we will update this page and send out SMS alerts.

Please be aware of scams

There have been many reports of scam emails and texts requesting personal details in order to claim the £400 discount. ThamesWey Energy uses text messages to contact customers with important information, but we will never ask you to reply or to disclose personal information via SMS.

Page updated: 10/01/2023

Struggling to pay your energy bills?

Let us know if you’re facing problems. You can send us a message, visit our Help & Support pages where we have some specific resources and advice, or call us on 0345 601 5515.